Improving our internal tools - Part I: Design process for Flexi UI

Change is the trigger & tool to put us ahead of the present and open a better, more productive, and more efficient future.

Design process
(Image credit: Photo by NEW DATA SERVICES on Unsplash)

At Future, we are focused on creating and distributing trusted, specialist content to build engaged and valuable global communities. That is why we, the Tech & Eng department, understand the need to develop the right tools that help our colleagues successfully achieve Future's goals and deliver the best possible platforms to colleagues, and correspondingly, the best possible content to our audiences.

Future has been delivering content for decades. Many tools have been developed during this time, and inevitably, technologies, standards, and objectives have changed, creating uncertainty and making difficult the maintainability and scalability of our tools. However, this uncertainty leads us to think about new exciting changes that will solve more and more problems and give us light to decide on a plan to action new projects that improve what is suddenly not working anymore. 

Tech Lead